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Buy / sell company

We encourage you to place an offer for sale or purchase of the company via our contact form, by phone or in person in the headquarters of SPOLKI24.com in the center of Warsaw, at ul. Żurawia 43.

We are interested in the acquisition of stocks / shares in companies which have not run any economic activity, as well as in non-active entities, entities with suspended activity or in the process of liquidation. The purchase of shares by our company takes place in the Notary Office by way of a contract with the signature certified by a public notary. After the purchase of shares we dismiss the so far existing management board of the company, and the purchaser acquires the copy of the minutes from the shareholders meeting with the resolution on the change of the management board certified by a public notary. Subsequently, we notify the registry court on the acquisition of the company and the change of the management board.

If you are interested in the acquisition of the company, please specify the preferred legal form of the company (limited liability company, joint-stock company, limited partnership or limited joint- stock partnership), the subject of the activity, the amount of the capital and other significant issues.

The above mentioned information enables us to prepare the optimal offer tailored to your needs.